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2014-01-28 17:44:03 by Ying-yong

It's been a while, Newgrounds! I know, I'm like that terrible girlfriend that never calls you back, unless they need something, but this time I have something for YOU!

I share with you the fruits of my labor, Sexy Peel. I hope it makes you as happy as it made me making it.

ps: honk honk

Wedding animatrion :D

2010-12-05 12:48:55 by Ying-yong

Oh, hello Newgrounds, I almost forgot about you! I come bearing a short cartoon about the wedding of two great friends of mine. If you think epic 8-bit fight sequences with pink robots on the moon is exciting, you might like this. 79

They're also taking donations at the website , so any donation, no matter how small, would be totally flippin' awesome.

Thank you!

Wedding animatrion :D

Frontpage or bust

2010-02-08 21:57:33 by Ying-yong

And only because I think you'll like it. me. /525500 /333797 /149182 /337295 /423668

Frontpage or bust

Hello, friend!

It's splendid to hear from you chaps once more. Submitted a movie one moon ago about some topical issues you may or may not enjoy. It's about when then internet finds its way into your life at the most inconvenient times.

On another note, how might you be today?

brawl funnies

2009-05-07 10:43:56 by Ying-yong


what'd you think?

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I need some of this Soyjoy stuff.


2007-10-02 20:44:11 by Ying-yong

We at the SS have made something that will make your night.

Don't be shy, everybody else is clicking it!


Unmotivational Lecture

2007-07-22 22:48:17 by Ying-yong

I'm making a new movie with a bunch of bright characters and other hyper and fun shit blah balsdc, but I'm completely unmotivated. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the redesign; maybe it's because 5/7 people who have me on their favorite author's list left. This isn't good.

things I'm doing when I should be working on a flash

2. Throwing stuff down an air duct, then reaching in and pulling it back out.

3. Seeing if any of my movies got any new reviews.

4. Seeing if the weekly awards are fixed.

5. Watching the simpsons marathon

6. Unplugging electrical plugs, then plugging them back in.

what makes you motivated? :/

-Ying Yong